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About Us

This is certainly our pleasure that you are keenly looking for information regarding our business. We appreciate your effort and your interest in knowing about us. Your presence on this page of the website of Archana Hotel and Restaurant is a golden chance for us to make you aware about us. While sharing information in this regard, we would first like to share about our philosophy behind this hotel and restaurant;

“As a team, we all are committed to offer a remarkable experience to our customers”

The hotel business is nothing else but the understanding of the responsibility towards customers comfort. It is all about the commitment of providing experience of a place of charm & cheer! We can say about us that our team is sincerely working for offering the same to all customers. Yes, you will experience it in our services during your stay with us. We are truly pleased to introduce ourselves as a progressive firm in guest service. Archana Hotel and Restaurant has a team of experienced professionals, working for creating a truly unique experience for all the guests.

Within the hotel premise, our guests surely experience the service level of metro cities hotel. As a guest, you will feel an atmosphere of helpful friendliness, defined by staff that put guests immediately at ease. Your privacy and comfort are our top priorities. Our professional staff members will be there to make everything available for you.  While designing this hotel, we have cared about various points and thought like a guest. The interiors of our hotel are stunning in its ability to combine a feeling of open space with cozy comfort. The muted pastels and deep primary colors of the rooms, restaurants and even halls are pleasing without being distracting. Rooms at the hotel are very spacious and tastefully decorated. We aim to convey excellence with brilliant hospitality and exclusive devise that brings immense satisfaction to our customers.

Within the restaurant area, guests have noticed the quality of our service within a short span of time. We are committed to offer the best for our each and every customer. Thus, our restaurant is famous for finger licking cuisine and warm intimacy of our restaurant. All our staff members pursue great ability of serving guests in a well behaved manner. Certainly, this can’t be shared in words. You will need to experience it by visiting Archana Hotel and Restaurant.

Apart from Hotel and Restaurant, we are also famous for a tradition of taste; delicious sweets. Archana Sweets is a renowned name for quality sweet items. We can say about us that our team is sincerely working for offering quality food in reasonable price to all customers. Generations of this city have witnessed quality of our products. We are having delicious sweets to add richness in your celebration time. You will be able to feel our standard of hospitality by visiting Archana Sweets.

About us, we can say that we are socially-responsible business.  For us, entrepreneurship is not just about boosting financial status. But, we love to return quality food, quality service and memorable comfort to our customers in our hotel, restaurant and also in sweets section. From many years, people of this city have seen our quality work and excellent food items. Archana Hotel and Restaurant is an ideal place for all sorts of commercial or social events too. Several guests have given us remarkable feedbacks about our quality food and offered services. Well, it certainly makes us happy and proud of our team that works sincerely. Still, we are analyzing our standard and improving it day by day. This is necessary for us as we don’t want to hear even a single bad word from our guest. We have given our best to our guests and we will always continue it by maintaining the quality standards. We understand our responsibility towards customers comfort and we love to sincerely providing experience of a place of charm & cheer! Please contact us for knowing more about our services. Call us and have information regarding bookings for rooms / halls / restaurant.

Last, but not the least, we are serving all sorts of facilities in reasonable price. We are sincerely working over our commitment to offer a remarkable experience to our customers. From the most spacious hotel to well trained employees in every section of our business, we are trying to give our best in serving customers. Certainly, you will need to come to see our better management of quality service in our business premise of Archana Hotel and Restaurant.